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Bouquet of leaves from the Buddha Hand tree et Limes

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Bouquet of leaves from the Buddha Hand tree et Limes

Bouquet of leaves from the Buddha Hand tree, The fruit and leaves are extremely aromatic. (only the bouquet not the fruit)

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Buddha Hand leaf bouquet

The fruit is extremely aromatic. In China and Japan it is used for perfuming rooms and linen closets.
Its skin, patterned, or caramelized, it is also used a lot in baking.
Likewise, it is surprising that this fruit, as citric acid is, you do not have to practically pulp. It consists only of a shell which is where you get all of its aroma. Nor has barely any seeds.
The Hand of Buddha discovered his potential for the kitchen, has no juice or juice or pulp. Almost all of the fruit looks like a crust, shell. There are, however, is where it hides its taste, its fragrance and its aroma. Your skin, grated, is used in baking and to reinforce some dishes in gastronomy. Ripen from green to yellow. Many cooks often cut and freeze, because once ripe they don't hold up much time.

(In citrus fruits from organic cultivation it is normal that some will have a few little spots of gray on the skin. It is a sign that organic farming is renounced completely to insecticide treatments.)

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