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The main characteristic of the blood oranges (or sanguine Oranges) is their bright red pulp.

It's taste is very peculiar, it has tones of other red fruits, which makes them one of the most appreciated orange varieties by gourmets. They are perfect to be used in juices and pastries.

Blood Oranges were one of the first varieties of oranges cultivated in our hometown area. In QuieroNaranjas we are committed to grow this variety because our grandfather was one of the first farmers to have production in Valencia.

But after that, another varieties of oranges came out bigger than blood oranges and seedless and the new ones became more populars. The farmers stopped cultivating blood oranges because the markets were demanding the new variety.

On the past years, the blood Orange became a very appreciated product due to its great properties that all red fruits have. And we keep proudly growing them.

They have dark red pulp. And it's flavor reminds red fruits or raspberries. 

The red tone of the pulp depend on temperature and area where they grow.

Normally we start harvesting them from February till May.

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