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We cultivate the Organic Limes in a traditional way, allowing them to keep all the qualities.

Quieronaranjas has its fields in Valencia area. The warm weather and the good soil make the best conditions to grow organic limes.

Only when we get the order We harvest them ready to send the limes to your home. That means that they don’t stay in fridge or stored so you can enjoy their maximum freshness and intense aroma.

The taste of the lime is more intense than the lemon.  The diameter of the lime is 3-5 cm and  they are smaller than lemons. However, you can get double of the juice when you squeeze them.

The peel of the lime is thin, smooth and have a dark green color and floral smell. The green pulp and juice are more acid than lemons.

They are very usefull in the kitchen and you can use the limes to make desserts, salads or fish, cocktails...

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