Oranges mixed boxes at home

Organic Oranges and Tangerines from Valencia to your home

You will be able to buy freshly harvested Organic Oranges and Tangerines directly to the farmer through our website.

Our oranges trees are located close to the Júcar River in Ribera Alta region in Valencia, Spain. This area is considered the cradle of orange in Valencia: the favourable weather with sun and mild winters, creates ideal conditions for growing Oranges. 

You can buy our oranges through internet, they are characterized by the best taste and maximum freshness - directly from the tree to your home.

Buy oranges directly from the farmer

We grow different varieties of oranges that ripen at different times: The season starts around November with Navelina's oranges. After that we have the Navel Lane's oranges around February, and later on they are replaced by the late's oranges variety.

The fresh juice of our squeezed oranges will provide you of the necessary daily amount of vitamin C.

Moreover the oranges are rich in antioxidant properties, which help us to protect against infections. Oranges have also a high amount in fibre, thiamine and folic acid.

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