Aloe vera from Valencia - 1-2 leaves (500 g)

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    Aloe vera from Valencia - 1-2 leaves (500 g)

    Ecological Aloe Vera 1-2 leaves (+500 g) is grown in our Ecological garden, they are plants of more than 5 years. Valencian selected at their point of maturation, Fresh and Natural, try them !!

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    Organic Aloe Vera 1 leaves

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     Aloe Vera leaves from our garden are plants over 5 years old.

    Properties and benefits of aloe vera
    This plant is perfect to take care of our general health. It is used to treat various skin problems, to whiten teeth or stains and to relieve pain. That is why it is used in treatments for psoriasis, in anti-acne and anti-aging creams, in ointments to relieve burns or insect bites and in many other treatments that we never even imagined. It can even be ingested in different drinks that will help us alleviate problems such as gastritis and ulcers. Taking aloe vera for constipation will also be very effective for us.

    Properties that aloe vera offers us:
    Treatment of skin problems
    Whiten teeth and stains
    Relieve pain
    Combat constipation

    Homemade recipes and formulas with aloe vera
    Aloe can be used in combination with other ingredients to enhance its benefits. Some products are used in cosmetics, while others take advantage of the medicinal properties of aloe vera to calm ailments. Where to buy pure gel and other products that contain its active ingredients is a frequent question. Depending on what we need, we can buy cosmetics or aloe vera capsules in pharmacies, herbalists and specialized stores. Another option is to prepare our own home remedies with aleo vera.

    Homemade cosmetics with aloe vera
    Below we give you the composition so that you can make your natural aloe vera creams and other artisan products yourself.

    Homemade Aloe Vera Soap:
    100 grams of pulp from this plant
    100 milliliters of caustic soda
    750 milliliters of extra virgin olive oil
    250 milliliters of water
    Aloe vera or other essential oil (rosehip, jasmine ...)
    The preparation is so easy. Discover how to make aloe vera soap step by step.

    Natural aloe vera cream against stains:
    2 leaves of this plant
    1 tablespoon of natural lemon juice
    Half cup water
    We extract the pulp from the leaves, we add the lemon juice, the water and we beat everything until we have a homogeneous paste. We keep the mixture in a jar and put it in the fridge. We can apply it on the affected area at night since the lemon causes spots if it comes into contact with the sun. In the morning we wash our faces and apply the usual treatments normally.

    Pure Aloe Vera Gel:
    Aloe leaves
    We cut as many sheets as we want to make gel and wash them very well. We extract the pulp and pass it through the mixer until a homogeneous liquid is created. Then we keep it in a container and store it in the fridge. Some people choose to boil it below so that there is less liquid left. This aloe gel can last us several weeks if we refrigerate it and it will help us to relieve irritations, burns, eliminate acne, etc.

    * Organic Agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV

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