We are two brothers named Eduardo and Javier. We have always been farmers. After lots of years of tradition in our family, we have followed in our grandparents footsteps who were one of the first ones growing oranges, and we keep the tradition and work full-time.

From Alzira, which is placed in Valencia´s Ribera Alta and where it is found the best product even on the international level because it´s where the origin of the orange is. We grow and take care of our oranges so you can enjoy the incomparable taste of an orange. That´s why we have created quieronaranjas.com, for anybody from anywhere to be able to enjoy our products and realize how natural they are.

- Oranges ripened because of the sun.
- They are picked today and you are eating them tomorrow at home.
- They are not kept in cold-storage rooms. - Without chemical products after harvest.
- Sweet and delicious.

We are sure we have the best product because we pick it, we revise it and we parcel them up personally. It is a quality control for you to enjoy the best taste of our products at home.

Thank you for trusting in us.


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