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When is the mandarin season?

It is always at the beginning of October when we start to harvest the first mandarins of the season. At the beginning they are not so sweet and have a touch of acidity, but this disappears as the days go by. It is also normal for the mandarins to have greenish stains on the skin at the beginning, but this does not affect their ripeness and flavour. As the days go by, they gain more colour and sweetness.

What is the season for mandarins?

We explain several varieties of mandarins:

1. Clemen ruvi mandarins:

It starts in October with the variety Clemen ruvi or Mandarina Pri 23, it is the earliest variety, it is a very tasty mandarin to eat with a balanced mix of acid and sweet, it is a medium sized mandarin with a lot of juice.

We start harvesting at the beginning of October, the juice already has the optimum sweetness although the colour of the skin is usually between light green and orange, as is normal with citrus fruits, the first ones to be harvested of each variety have the most accentuated acid point, this changes as the weeks go by, they lose acid and give the appearance that they gain in sweetness.

2. Clemenules mandarins:

Later we link with the variety of Mandarinas clemenules ecological is the classic Mandarina easy to peel and sweet, there is no fixed date to finish with the variety of mandarins clemenules depends on the weather or rain that age the skin is no longer commercial because they do not hold so many days after collecting them.

The name "Mandarina clemenules ecológicas" comes from a natural mutation in an orange orchard in the town of Nules Castellón. From there, an interesting Mandarina was seen and the crop that we have in the whole Valencian Community was expanded.

3. Clemenvilla mandarins:

Normally for the new year we change to the variety of mandarin clemenvilla or mandarina nova a mandarin with very tight flesh and skin strong orange colour, this mandarin has a lot of juice and is appreciated for its characteristic flavour.

4. Gold Nugget and Hortanique mandarins:

The year goes on with one or the other late varieties as some varieties of mandarins are leap years and produce one year and the other very little, such as the Gold Nugget mandarins or the Mandarina calabacita Mandarina Orri and the Mandarina hortanique.

5. Mandarina Comuna:

We are extending the oldest variety of Mandarinas Comuna ecological this is a disappeared variety practically it is not cultivated since it has seeds and the market when they went out the modern varieties without or with few seeds the Mandarina comuna stopped cultivating, this Mandarina comuna is the most aromatic of all those that already have more years will remember when peeling it the aroma that it gives off is unique.

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