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Bananas and pineapples Organic at home

Buy Organic Bananas (Plátanos from the Canary Islands)

Canarian Bananas are significantly smaller than their relatives abroad, but have a stronger and sweeter taste. One of the reasons is that they ripen on bushes much longer than the bananas of South America and, thanks to the shorter transport routes, do not have to be harvested green.

Through QuieroNaranjas you can buy bananas online just like you do with our oranges, tangerines and lemons. Buy Bananas online sent directly by the farmer. Now you can have Bananas from the Banana Plantations at home

Bananas from the Canary Islands are authorized to carry the EU labels "Protected Origin" and "Protected Geographical Indication". 


It is a tropical fruit, noted mainly for its diuretic and purifying properties that help eliminate toxins from the body. As well as for its contribution in fiber, since it fights constipation, activates the metabolism, eliminates the fat and facilitates the digestion.

It is also rich in vitamins C, B1, B6 and folic acid and minerals such as potassium. On the other hand, it contains biomelanin, a digestive enzyme that has anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic, anti-edematous and anticoagulant properties.

As it is rich in vitamin C, it helps to combat diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, asthma and colon cancer, has antioxidant properties and promotes the absorption of iron and calcium.

In the West it is commonly used as a dessert and in salads. When the pineapple is ripe, the pulp is firm but flexible, the leaves can be pulled out with a strong pull and the aroma is more intense at the bottom. The juice produces an excellent and very aromatic vinegar, which is the main ingredient of some cocktails, such as piña coladas.

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