Organic Pomegranates at home

Organic Pomegranates directly from the farmer,

Buy Organic Pomegranate mixted Box.

Combined boxes of fruits cultivated in a traditional way and harvested at their optimum point of ripeness. That’s the way you will be able to taste their exquisite flavour. Sweet, Fresh and Natural, Taste them!

In Quieronaranjas we offer you these Organic pomegranates. We have been harvesting them respecting the environment. Following this natural method the pomegranates have more properties, vitamins and minerals.

Buy Organic Fruits online directly from the farmer.

Our organic fruit are free of insecticides, pesticides, synthetics, herbicides, hormones... keeping them healthier and environment-friendly.

They are also safer because this production method is guaranteed and checked by an official organism that controls it. Our organic production is controlled by the COMMITTEE OF ORGANIC AGRICULTURE OF THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY (CAECV) nº CV-5815 E

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