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Watermelons to address, directly from our fields to your home.

At quieronaranjas we take advantage of our orchards to grow organic watermelons when we have recently planted orange trees and they are small, as they can take several years to grow. 

We grow the mini watermelon variety which usually weighs between 2 or 3 kg of watermelon in organic farming. We grow this variety of mini watermelon as it is the one most demanded by our clients, they are very sweet and have a very thin rind, as they are small they are normally consumed in one day, so it is more practical to open a mini organic watermelon. in Quieronaranjas you can buy organic watermelons direct from the farmer.

We also grow melons of the piel de sapo variety which have a lot of flesh and are sweet, we also try not to grow very fat melons so that they are more practical, the piel de sapo melons are also known as pine nut melons because of the seeds which are similar to pine nuts.

In Quieronaranjas we have a rule, take the best Melons and Watermelons of Valencia to your Home. To do this we select each one, with all the freshness and delicious flavor.

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