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ORANGES at home

Buy Organic Oranges directly from the producer

Sale of Organic Oranges home delivery in QuieroNaranjas you can buy organic oranges online directly from the farmer.

Our aim is to offer 100% natural oranges, with all their flavour, without pesticides.

In QuieroNaranjas, we put at your disposal these oranges that have been cultivated as our ancestors did, respecting the environment, with better properties and more vitamins and minerals.

Organically produced food is healthier and more nutritious. They are free of insecticides, pesticides, synthetics, herbicides, hormones...

They are also safer because this whole method of production is guaranteed by an official body that controls it. Our ecological production is controlled by the COMMITTEE OF ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE OF THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY (CAECV) nº CV5815E

The season starts in November with Navelinas oranges, then Navel-lane-late and ends in July with the last variety of Valencia-lane-late.

Buy oranges directly from the farmer

The orange groves of Quieronaranjas are situated on the banks of the river Júcar in the region of the Ribera Alta. This area is considered the cradle of orange growing in Valencia: the particularly favourable climate with its mild winters creates ideal conditions for growing Oranges.

That the cultivation of Valencia oranges had a good future in Europe was realised by the generations of our grandparents back in the 1850's, because before they did not grow oranges for export, they only grew oranges for the markets in the area. Transport was also a problem, because in those years exports by ship were beginning, and later by rail, due to the demand in Europe for Valencian oranges, Valencian farmers began to plant more orange groves, an orange tree takes about 5 years to be in good orange production.

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