-We fear another line of citrus fruits that is not in ecological production, but economic these not to mix with the ecological fruits we elaborated them directly from the field to the box without selecting, fatter and smaller oranges as they are gathered of the tree, both are equally good to eat or to make juice, single we removed the oranges that we thought that they are going to spoil in few days.

Thursday or Friday.

day we pick and pack them for your order. Oranges sold in the store, on the other hand, are often harvested unripe and then stored in ripening chambers for a long time, so the taste is not comparable. Commercially available oranges are also often treated with preservatives and wax, which can also affect the taste.

If you try an orange from Quiero Naranjas, you will taste the sun, freshness and quality: our oranges are extremely aromatic, juicy and sweet.

As we pick them and send them on the same day. They are fresher than those ones you´ll find at shops. Therefore, don´t put them in the fridge, a fresh place will be enough to last more than a fortnight."},{"tab_title":"6. What´s the difference between these oranges and those at the shops?","tab_content":"

Quieronaranjas´oranges ripen because of the sun, without any kind of cold-storage room. Those oranges that ripen inside cold-storage rooms are picked when they are unripe and they ripen inside the cold-storage room. That´s why their taste is not the same as ours. When you try oranges from Quieronaranjas, you´ll become aware of their great and sweet taste, their fragance and how much juice they´ve got in them."},{"tab_title":"7. How big are the boxes?","tab_content":"

The boxes are ecological and they are made of cardboard. As they are not made of wood, we are contributing very positively towards the environment and, therefore, we can recycle them."},{"tab_title":"8. How many products can be put in a box?","tab_content":"

Products can only be sent in a 5,10, 15 and 20 kg box. It is possible to put three different products at your choice (honey, wine, olive oil, rice...).

There´s no room left for more than three. 
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