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Kumkats natural, Organic, ripened on the tree to the sun.

The Kumquats are eaten up the skin because it is sweet and its pulp is acid taste pungent and juicy. Put it in the mouth whole by discarding the seeds as you would with a grape.The kumquats are also good preserved in syrup or jam, also can be used as an ingredient in multiple recipes.

In the Kumquat stands out for its very high content in vitamin C, an essential nutrient, indispensable as that involved in the formation of bones and teeth, red blood cells and collagen, improves resistance to infections, and is also antioxidant.

It also highlights the presence of folic acid (involved in the production of red and white blood cells, and in addition it is essential before and during pregnancy), as well as minerals such as potassium (necessary for the generation and transmission of the nerve impulse) and magnesium (improves immune system).

Yes, it is a fruit with high energetic value, although its consumption is advised within a healthy and balanced diet. Despite its energy value, provides satiety, so it is recommended also in diets of loss of weight.

Benefits of Kumquat

Like oranges and lemons, the kumquat is a citrus especially rich in vitamin C, to improve the functioning of the immune system (also notable in this respect is the presence of magnesium in its composition).

Properties of the Kumquat

Helps to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It is also useful to increase the production of bile, improving digestion. While its fiber content supports and helps the intestinal transit.

Ecological agriculture, control code: CV5815E

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