Peaches from Valencia 500 g approx.

    certificado ecologico certificado ecologico hoja

    Peaches from Valencia 500 g approx.

    Organic Peaches  500 g approx.

    The yellow peach. It is characterized by the reddish yellow color of juicy and sweet meat.

    VAT included

    Organic Peaches basket 

    The Peach paraguayan also called “peach flat” is a delicious fruit of the season, comes from a natural mutation of the peach common. However, they differ by their smaller shape and flattened.

    The Peaches come from our region: the local climate and soil are very suitable for the cultivation of these fruits of bone. Our Peaches are produced in the traditional way and harvested at the optimal time of maturation. This ensures a aroma particularly good and a nice yellow color to red.

    The Peach is an ideal fruit for all kinds of people, as their contribution of nutrients are absolutely moderate. Brings in a low amount of sugars, so its caloric value makes it suitable to be consumed in diets of control of weight and for people with diabetes, taking into account the ration of consumption.

    Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV

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