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Bananas from the Canary islands

Bananas from the Canary islands

This box contains: Bananas from the Canary islands,Naturally ripened, without ethylene gas, are selected at their point of maturation Sweet, Fresh and Natural, Try them!!

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Bananas from the Canary islands green

Note: in summer we send them quite green so that they can last more days in the heat. If you want to ripen earlier, put them in a warm place with a paper bag or wrapped in newspaper with some apple or pear, since these fruits give off ethylene and the bananas will ripen.
Bananas (Bananas of the Canary Islands)
The Bananas are called "plátanos" in the Canary Islands to stand out from the competition with Bananas from South America. Bananas the canary islands are significantly smaller than their relatives abroad, but they have a stronger flavor and sweet. One of the reasons is that mature into shrubs for a much longer time than bananas from South America and, thanks to the transport routes short, it does not have to be harvested green.
The Bananas the Canary islands are authorized to carry the label of "Protected Origin" and "protected geographical indication" of the EU.
We ship the bananas a bit more immature, so they are even stronger and thus survive better transport and arrive safely. If you keep the fruit at room temperature (from 20 ° C), will be ready in a few days. If you want to speed up the ripening process, add the fruit along with other ripe fruit, such as fruit. Such as mangos, pears or apples in a paper bag. The ripe fruit emits ethylene, a gas that makes other fruit in the bag to ripen faster.
Platanos convencional

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