Plum from Valencia 500 g. (approx.)

    • Plum Fortune Green 1 kg
    Plum Fortune Green 1 kg
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    Plum from Valencia 500 g. (approx.)

    Organic Plum "Red Beauty" 

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    Organic Plum "Red Beauty" basket 

    Organic Plum "Red Beauty" basket of 500 g. (approx.)

    Plum with coverage of dark red color, the pulp is light yellow, has a firm texture,
    pleasant taste, very sweet, and juicy. Plum of high quality, fruit of great size.
    The pick up from our fields and ship takes to arrive to you in perfect condition,
    Plums, like most fruit, is mainly composed of water, carbohydrate, and its content in proteins and fats is almost nil.
    The red plum of his wealth resides in the content of fiber and other protective elements such as antioxidants.
    Plums have many antioxidants: the pro-vitamin A, anthocyanins, some polyphenols and tannins, which give it its distinctive red colour and sometimes purple. It is worth mentioning that the more dark is the color of the fruit the greater the presence of these protective elements.
    This fruit is also known for its mild laxative effect, both in its fresh form as desiccated (dried prune). This effect is mainly due to its content of fiber as well as sorbitol, a substance that naturally has a sweet flavor and is present in a major way in this fruit.
    In addition, prunes are rich in potassium, a mineral that promotes the balance of minerals in the cells and it helps to have a better control of the sodium in the blood, a relevant fact in people with hypertension.
    Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
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    Certificado ecológico
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