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Citrus Caviar, 100 gr (caviar)

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Citrus Caviar, 100 gr (caviar)

citrus caviar, the crunchy pearls, in the mouth create an incredible sensation.

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citrus Caviar

citrus caviar, 

Citrus caviar is the fruit of a bush, the fruit is elongated in shape, with a size of 60-80 ms. Cultivated in the same field as the organic lemon, but the citrus caviar is not certified organic because of its small production.

It has a texture that is comparable to that of caviar, the crunchy pearls in the mouth create an incredible sensation. 

It is recently cultivated in Valencia, its origin is from tropical climates. 

The skin is very aromatic, dark in colour when fully ripe. Without residues, you can use the peel in your dishes to give it an original citrus touch.

Caviar Cítrico 100 g
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