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When does the orange season start in Valencia?

Javier Casesnoves 23 September, 2021

When does the orange season start in Valencia? We answer the questions that many customers ask us about: When is the orange season or when are the first Valencia mandarins ready?Oranges ripen earlier on the inside than on the outside, i.e. they can be light green on the outside and orange on the inside. Depending […]

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Organic watermelons and melons

Javier Casesnoves 09 August, 2021

These are the organic melons that we grow in Quiero naranjas in our organic orchard. In summer we grow watermelons and melons in our organic orchards so that we can continue to send seasonal fruit to our customers. The organic watermelon we grow is a mini variety, weighing between 3 and 4 kilos, with a […]

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Grafting pomegranates

Javier Casesnoves 04 August, 2021

Hello, we are at the beginning of August in our organic pomegranate orchard. The work we are doing these days consists of grafting the ACCO variety of pomegranates onto the Mollar variety of pomegranates. The grafting technique we use is the same as with orange trees and it works well for us, we cover the […]

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Our Organic Mandarins in June

Javier Casesnoves 22 June, 2021

We are in our organic clemenrubi mandarin orchard. It is a variety of the clementine family, very precocious and has a rapid growth, which is why it is harvested at the end of September or beginning of October, depending on the weather, as citrus fruit needs to cool down at night to change the colour […]

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Homemade orange ice cream

Javier Casesnoves 11 June, 2021

We leave you with a recipe for homemade orange ice cream, with the rising temperatures it is already tempting to have a refreshing ice cream, and there is nothing better than preparing it at home, so we know that the ingredients it contains are natural, not like the ice creams we buy in supermarkets that […]

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Organic pomegranate blossom in May

Javier Casesnoves 23 May, 2021

OUR FIELD OF ORGANIC POMEGRANATE TREES At the end of April the pomegranate trees are in full bloom, This winter we have had has been very good for the fruit, especially the pomegranate tree which needs several days above 0° at night, so that when spring arrives it sprouts with more strength and more blossom, […]

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Our organic orange cultivation with sustainable energy

Javier Casesnoves 19 May, 2021

We are installing solar panels in our organic orchards, in order to reduce to a minimum the consumption of electrical energy and to have citrus production with renewable energy. The solar panels we are installing allow us to irrigate in sunny hours with a self-consumption of clean energy, so we can make a better harvest […]

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Reed Avocado

Javier Casesnoves 13 May, 2021

The Reed avocado has a dark green, smooth and shiny skin, it is also slightly thick. Its aroma is very mild, its pulp is also buttery and stands out for its great flavor. The bone is round and small and is easily removed. Its skin remains green even when the fruit has ripened.Its properties are […]

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Pruning orange trees in spring

Javier Casesnoves 02 April, 2021

We are pruning our organic orange orchard as you can see it has a lot of flowers and we expect a lot of production for the next harvest.Here is a tree that is half clemenvilla mandarin and half orange, we are cutting back the orange tree so that the mandarin grows more, as we are […]

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Orange sponge cake

Javier Casesnoves 17 March, 2021

Resultados de traducción Hello, friends of the I want of oranges blog. Today I’m going to show you how to make a spectacular orange cake. I assure you that you are going to love it and it is ideal to drink with a good coffee, smoothie, infusion or whatever you want.Easy orange sponge cake recipeThis […]

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dried persimmon on television

Javier Casesnoves 13 February, 2021

On Valencian television we are going to talk about a very special beer, persimmon beer,-Good morning Javier, I see that you have already pruned your persimmons,Yes, once the leaves have fallen they can be pruned,Isn’t the organic persimmon a problem as it is only a few months old to harvest?Yes, it is a bit of […]

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organic oranges, Buy oranges direct from the farmer.

Javier Casesnoves 05 December, 2020

We are in the field of organic oranges, the oranges are already very good, a lot of juice, nothing more impressive than other oranges. If you try these oranges, you will not like others, they are very good.  Thanks Buy oranges direct from the farmer. https://quieronaranjas.com/gb/organic-oranges www.quieronaranjas.com

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Organic lemons 14/11/20

Javier Casesnoves 28 November, 2020

We are in our field of Organic Lemons, today October 14, 2020 As you can see is a variety of lemon with thin skin, very aromatic medium size and has production throughout the year, right now has flower that the lemon will be to collect in summer, so you can buy lemons in www.quieronaranjas.com almost […]

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Hass avocado from Valencia

Javier Casesnoves 26 November, 2020

We are in our field of Hass avocados, as you can see the trees have good production, and are getting fatter thanks to the abundant rains. The avocado is one of the fruits with the highest fat content, although the quality of this fat is unbeatable, that is why its consumption is so recommended. It […]

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Yellow kiwis Organic in summer

Javier Casesnoves 11 June, 2021

Kiwis are a fruit that requires shade so that it retains the humidity. As it is a natural, non-intensive production we have the kiwis in the open air leaving a lot of foliage and the tree itself is protected from the heat. The kiwifruit is a crop that needs support structures, also called supports, for […]

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