Avocados "Hass"

    • Avocado"Hass" Conversion to Eco-friendly 5 kg
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    Avocados "Hass"

    This box contains of Avocados Organic "Hass", selected in your point of maturation, Fresh and Natural, Try them!!

    VAT included

    Avocados "Hass" organic 

    This box contains Avocado"Hass"

    The Avocados variety Hass, Cut the avocado lengthwise, cutting around the grain. Then turn the two halves in opposite directions to desencajarlas. Don't remove the grain if you don't plan to eat the whole avocado at once.
    Now you can use a spoon to lift the pulp from the halves of the fruit. If you want to make cubes, you can cut the pulp in the bowl with a knife "in check" and then take out the cube, finished with a spoon..
    The green meat of the avocado darkens quickly as soon as you cut the fruit. Protect the pieces of avocado that you do not want to use immediately with plastic wrap and keep them fresh. You can also sprinkle lemon juice on the half that is not used to prevent further oxidation.
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    Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
    Aguacate Hass Bio
    Certificado ecológico

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