Organic Tangerines 3 kg, Organic Onion 2 kg - 5 Kg (mandarina y cebolla)

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This box contains: Organic Tangerines 3 kg and Organic Onion 2 kg - 5 Kg Fruits and vegetables from Valencian selected at their point of maturation Sweet, Fresh and Natural, Try them out!!

Tangerines, Onion, (Organic)

This box contains: Tangerines 3 Onion, Organic 2 Kg

Organic Tangerines 

Our tangerines Organic we grow them in the traditional way, to retain all the qualities we cultivate for QuieroNaranjas, in the area of la ribera alta Valencia that thanks to the climate and to the magnificent earth has perfect conditions for the cultivation of Mandarin oranges, which stand out for their fresh aroma and the highest quality, being freshly picked from the tree in their optimum point of maturation .we collect only when we have an order to have the maximum freshness..
We cultivate different varieties of tangerines that mature on different dates, and so we can always provide you with mandarin oranges of the best quality, sweet and juicy during the entire season, from September to June. The season begins with the Oronules, then the Clemenules, followed by the Clemenvillas, and we finished the season with the tangerines Orri.
Due to its small size, its thin skin and sweet taste, makes it one of the favorite fruits of the little ones, their segments can be separated from the skin very comfortably. Thanks to its nutritional properties tangerines are beneficial for all over the world, among other contains Vitamin C, folic acid and provitamin A.
We cultivate different types of citrus fruits with different ripening times, we can always offer you the best oranges, sweet and juicy during the entire season, from November to July.

Organic Onion

The Onion is a food that is super healthy and an excellent source of vitamin C, A, B1, C, and E, is rich in folic acid, the most powerful antioxidants, sulfuric compounds, and flavonoids. Some of its benefits: Prevents heart disease, fights cancer, ally to maintain your ideal weight, increase your mood, promotes oral health.
We attach great importance to the varieties of traditional plants and natural, just as our ancestors did. The fertile soil of Valencia and the mediterranean climate offer optimal conditions.
Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Because fresh vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and at the same time low in fat and in calories. Then, if you eat a lot of vegetables, you will automatically be making something very good both for your health as to keep the line. As a general rule, you should eat five servings of vegetables or fruits per day. To get the range of nutrients wide as possible, you should try to bring many products of different colors in your menu.
Note: we invite You to add to your order other products from other categories (such as olive oil, honey, jam, etc).
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