Juice Tangerines Cheap 15 kg (mandarinas zumo)

    • Mandarins 15 kg
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    Juice Tangerines Cheap 15 kg (mandarinas zumo)

    Tangerines Organic 

    Juice from Valencia Spain (Fat mandarins).

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    Juice Tangerines Organic 

    This box contains: 15 kg of Tangerines of Valencia 

    Our tangerines we grow them in the traditional way, to retain all the qualities we cultivate for Quieronaranjas, in the area of la ribera alta Valencia that thanks to the climate and to the magnificent earth has perfect conditions for the cultivation of Mandarin oranges, which stand out for their fresh aroma and the highest quality, being freshly picked from the tree in their optimum point of maturation .we collect only when we have an order to have the maximum freshness..

    We cultivate different varieties of Tangerines that mature on different dates, and so we can always provide you with Mandarin oranges of the best quality, sweet and juicy during the entire season, from September to June.

    Due to its small size, its thin skin and sweet taste, makes it one of the favorite fruits of the little ones, their segments can be separated from the skin very comfortably. Thanks to its nutritional properties tangerines are beneficial for all over the world, among other contains Vitamin C, folic acid and pro-vitamin A.

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