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Organic Pomegranates 5 kg of Organic Persimmons 5 kg - 10 kg

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Organic Pomegranates 5 kg of Organic Persimmons 5 kg - 10 kg

This box contains: 5 kg Organic Persimmons, 5 kg Organic Pomegranates. Fruits in the Valencian selected at their point of maturation, Sweet, Fresh and Natural, try them out!!

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This box contains: 5 kg Organic Persimmons , 5 kg Organic Pomegranates


The Granada Ecological variety ACO is sweet of intense red color we cultivated it in Valencia, respecting the environment, thus they have more properties, vitamins and minerals. It helps to slow down the aging process and keep the skin healthy, promotes blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.
Natural, in juice or in salad, the organic pomegranate is a delicious fruit.


Our sun-ripened kakis taste wonderfully sweet and aromatic and have a firm, orange to reddish flesh. They are very easy to eat, as they have neither stones nor seeds and can be eaten with or without a shell, just like apples. They are a pleasure in the still solid state as well as in the soft, fully ripe state: then you can simply spoon the pulp like a kiwi out of the shell. The versatile fruits can also be used very well in the kitchen and are an enrichment for various dishes such as desserts, ice cream, tartes, smoothies or salads.

are a healthy source of energy and contain many vitamins, trace elements and phytochemicals such as carotenoids, which have a positive effect on health and well-being.

We cultivate kakis of the variety "Rojo Brillante", which are sometimes called "Persimone". Alzira, where we live, is the capital of the Ribera del Xúquer region, the largest Spanish region for kakis. This region offers ideal climate and soil conditions for kaki production and is entitled to use the protected designation of origin "g.U. Ribera del Xúquer ". The kaki season starts in October and ends between February and March.

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