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Khaki variety Maxim 5 kg (from conversion to Organic Farming)

  • Persimmons 5 kg Sweet variety Maxim
Persimmons 5 kg Sweet variety Maxim

Khaki variety Maxim 5 kg (from conversion to Organic Farming)

This box contains: 5 kg Khaki Maxim

Valencian selected at their point of maturation
Sweet, Fresh and Natural, try them out!!

VAT included

 Khaki variety Maxim (2 years in organic farming)

Box -Khaki variety Maxim 5 kg

V-neck valencian natural, Kaki Maxim are light green and yellow in colour, this does not affect the taste, they are eaten as hard as an apple.

Our kaki Ribera del Xúquer, is recognized as Protected Designation of Origin, as this area is ideal for its climate and soil for this crop. The variety of "Maxim" has very special characteristics, it is a fruit very sweet, with a pulp very fleshy, orange or reddish. This fruit gives us vitamins and minerals, helps us to delay aging, reduce the cholesterol, it is a source of healthy energy and a great ally against fluid retention. The variety of persimmon Maxim is very easy to eat, as its flesh is tough. You can eat the natural, or we can use it to make desserts, ice cream, cakes, smoothies, or salads.
The season of persimmons begins in September, October and ends between February and March.

Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020CV
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