Organic Carrot  500 g (zanahoria)
Organic Carrot  500 g (zanahoria)
Organic Carrot  500 g (zanahoria)
Organic Carrot  500 g (zanahoria)
certificado ecologico certificado ecologico hoja

Organic Carrot 500 g (zanahoria)

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Organic Carrot

The Charlotte abode of QuieroNaranjas

The Carlota is popular of orange color was achieved by making a cross between carrots yellow and purple.
Eat carrots raw is also good to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood and to regulate the intestinal transit. Helps against diarrhea and to strengthen the hair, nails, gums, teeth and skin.

Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
Certificado ecológico
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