Black garlic 3 heads (ajo negro)

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    Black garlic 3 heads (ajo negro)

    Organic Black garlic 3 heads 75 gr approx

    NATURAL REMEDY to get the physical and emotional well being.

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    Organic Black garlic 3 heads

    If you have not yet tried this original and tasty treat, we will tell you that the garlic black is a condiment very special asian cuisine, which is full of amazing benefits and its flavor is mild, slightly sweet and very pleasant texture.

    While it is true that we are accustomed to always consume garlic white or purple, this option is very common in countries such as Japan or Korea, where they seek above all to further strengthen its principles of healing, its antioxidant action and its strengths as a natural antibiotics.

    It is a process very similar to raisins, that is to say, the garlic is oxidized but at the same time, it is tender on the inside, which allows it to go to the “acidez” to convertleave so in garlic sweet, they are pleasant to the taste, rubbery texture and nuances balsamic fruit and licorice

    The Garlic Black contains all the healthy properties of garlic fresh and in addition, during the fermentation process produces a concentration of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, which increases by ten its therapeutic power.

    Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV

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