Squash "Butternut" 1,5 - 2 kg

  • Squash "Butternut" Organic 0.5-0.8 kg
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Squash "Butternut" 1,5 - 2 kg

Add a1 or 2 Butternut squash organic to your order. Fresh and Natural, try them out !

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Bio-Butternut Squash

This variety of butternut squash is very much appreciated, its creamy texture and sweet taste that reminds of nut. His flesh is orange supports all kinds of culinary preparations, baked, fried, boiled, fried, even raw it tastes great.
Also the butternut squash is rich in vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, fiber, omega fatty acids 3 and 6, and in addition, it is low in calories, it is ideal in the diets of control of weight,

Note: we invite You to add to your order other products from other categories (such as olive oil, honey, jam, etc).
Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
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