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Oranges of Table 15 kg, Lemons 5 kg - 20 kg

  • Oranges Table 8 kg, Lemons-2 kg - 10 kg
  • Oranges Table 8 kg, Lemons-2 kg - 10 kg
  • Oranges Table 8 kg, Lemons-2 kg - 10 kg
  • Oranges Table 8 kg, Lemons-2 kg - 10 kg
Oranges Table 8 kg, Lemons-2 kg - 10 kg
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Oranges of Table 15 kg, Lemons 5 kg - 20 kg

This box contains: 15 kg organic Oranges Table and 5 kg organic Lemons. Fruits in the Valencian selected at their point of maturation

Sweet, Fresh and Natural, try them out!!
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Organic Oranges and Lemons

This box contains: 15 kg of Oranges Table and 5 kg of Lemons.

Organic Oranges Table

Our oranges we grow to Quieronaranjas on the bank of the river Júcar, is the first area in Valencia where he began to cultivate oranges, since it has a special climate for its cultivation, with the mild winters, are characterized by the aroma, the quality and the freshness of a fruit newly harvested.
We cultivate different varieties of oranges that mature at different dates,
The season begins around November with Orange Navelina, up to approx. February we started to collect the Oranges: Navel-Lane-Late and we ended up with the orange more late variety Valencia Late.
The Oranges gives us all the vitamin C that you need each day. In addition to possessing large antioxidant properties, protect against infections, is rich in fiber, thiamin, and folic acid.  buy lemons straight from the fieldz

Organic Lemons

The Lemons of Quieronaranjas are grown in our orchards in the area of the ribera del Jucar in Valencia, which for its mild climate and its fertile soil is ideal for growing Lemons the grow in the traditional way so that they have a more intense flavor, were harvested immediately after receiving an order, so our Lemons are characterized by an intense aroma, freshness and quality. Ripen naturally on the tree and are not treated after harvest.
The Lemons are almost indispensable in the kitchen: a little bit of lemon juice or a lemon peel lightly scraped give a final touch to many dishes. Also as a home remedy, lemons are very important due to its high content of vitamin C: strengthens the immune system, helps against sore throat, help the healing of wounds.
The best way to start the day so that you are not missing various vitamins which provide us with the citrus is made of a combination of juices of the season such as Grapefruit, limes, blood Oranges or lemons, every morning and enjoy all the benefits that have health, you can appreciate the taste of our citrus fruits such as if you have a tree in your own home.
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