Oranges Table 10 kg
Oranges Table 10 kg
Oranges Table 10 kg
Oranges Table 10 kg

Unsorted Oranges 10 kg

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This box contains: 10 kg Unsorted OrangesValencian at their point of maturation SweetFresh and Natural, Try them out!!

Unsorted Oranges

This box contains: 10 kg unsorted oranges

The oranges in this box have the same "inner" quality as our regular table and juice oranges. However, they do not go through the strict selection process that we use to sort our daily harvest by size and check for flawless appearance. Since we save this sorting effort and therefore need less working time to assemble the crates, we can offer these fruits at a lower price.

The unsorted oranges are harvested the same day and from the same trees as our normal oranges: The only difference is that the size of the fruit inside a box is not uniform and that their appearance is not as pretty. Due to the lack of sizing, we cannot classify the fruits as juice or table oranges. However, we can say that the fruits are perfectly suitable for both squeezing and eating.

We supply you with natural Valencian oranges, ripened on the tree in the sun and not treated after harvest.

The orange groves of Quieronaranjas are located on the banks of the river Júcar in the Ribera Alta region. This area is considered the cradle of orange growing in Valencia: the particularly favourable climate, with mild winters, creates ideal conditions for growing the fruit there.

Our oranges are characterised by the best flavour, high quality and maximum freshness - directly from the tree to your home. We grow different varieties of oranges that ripen at different times of the year: The season begins around November with the Navelina oranges. This is followed by the Navel Lane Late oranges from around February, which are finally replaced by the late oranges of the Valencia Late variety.

Just one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice provides the daily requirement of vitamin C. In addition to their antioxidant properties, which help to protect against infections, oranges also have a high content of fibre, thiamine and folic acid.

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