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Blood Orange, from Valencia.

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Blood Orange, from Valencia.

Organic Blood Oranges. Valencian Oranges are genuinely sweet, Fresh and juicy product. You won’t regret, Try them!

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Organic Orange blood oranges 

Note: Blood Oranges need cold to have the red pigments in the skin, this winter we did not have enough cold nights, the skin of our sanguinellis has little red color and the pulp has a little less color than other years, the aroma and the unmistakable flavor of blood orange is the same as always.

This box includes Organic blood Oranges, buy blood oranges straight from the field

Organic Oranges of blood, or Sanguine

Our Oranges Sanguinelli was one of the first varieties of Oranges that are cultivated in our area of Alzira, in QuieroNaranjas we cultivate this variety is Sanguinelli as our grandfather was one of the first to have production in Valencia Orange Sanguinelli,.
Years later when they came out other varieties of oranges without seeds and more fat, they stopped cultivating the Orange Sanguinelli because there was little demand in the markets, these last few years, the Orange Sanguinelli, an orange is very appreciated due to its great properties that have all the red fruits, so it is being planted again some orchards of this Orange red Sanguinelli...Have red meat dark. They are characterized by a flavor all its own that reminds a little of red fruits, or raspberries. This makes them one of the orange varieties most valued among gourmets, and their color are very used to its use in cakes and desserts.
The Oranges Sanguinelli depends on the temperature in order to remove the red color characteristic of the variety.
Normal mind we started collecting in January, February and ends in may..

But they are also safer because this entire production method is endorsed by an official body that controls it. Our organic production is controlled by the COMITÉ D'AGRICULTURA ECOLÓGICA DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA (CAECV) nº CV5815E

The best oranges of our fields of ecological culture cultivated without the use of chemical substances and realizing respectful practices with the environment.

Note: we invite you to add to your order other organic products of other categories (such as organic olive oil, organic jams, etc.).
Naranja Sanguina Bio
Certificado ecológico

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