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Mother's Day Box

Mother's Day Box

Special gift box for Mother's Day, surprise her with a different gift.

VAT included


The healthiest gift for Mother's Day! Because mothers are special and unique, here is the best gift to show her how much you love her.

What does this box contain?

➡Organic oranges 8 kg

➡Organic lemons 3 units

➡Organic avocados 3 units

➡Organic extra virgin olive oil 500 ml

➡Natural orange blossom honey 500 g

➡Dark chocolate 56% with organic orange 100 g

➡Artisanal aromatic candle with orange blossom fragrance 220 g (has a value of €19.90), the smell will transport you to a field of orange trees in bloom!

➡Card (you can send a text to personalize it)

➡Sprig of rosemary

Special candle with orange blossom fragrance together with citrus notes, cloves and honey make up its aroma that takes us through the adventures of the Mediterranean orange groves on a spring afternoon.
Optionally you can add more products to this gift box.
We include a special greeting card to accompany this gift. If you want, write to us to personalize it by dedicating some nice words to brighten your day!

• Oranges directly from the farmer, without intermediaries, you get a minimally handled fruit without going through any distributor or refrigerated chambers, you are also supporting the small farmer.

• The Quieronaranjas orchards are located on the banks of the Júcar river in the Ribera Alta region. The particularly favorable climate with its mild winters creates ideal conditions for growing Oranges.

• All our oranges are organic! They do not contain chemicals, pesticides, or post-harvest treatments, in short, no product harmful to health, which is why organic farming provides us with healthier and more nutritious fruits. In addition, the techniques used for its production are much more sustainable and respectful of the environment, by not using chemical products we do not contaminate the soil, water or fauna.

Our organic production is controlled by the VALENCIA COMMUNITY ORGANIC AGRICULTURE COMMITTEE (CAECV) nº CV5815E.

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