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Oranges Unselected, large and small

  • Oranges of Table and Juice, 20 kg
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Oranges Unselected, large and small

This box contains: Organic Oranges straight from the tree large and small. Valencian selected at their point of maturation

Sweet, Fresh and Natural, Try them out!!
(We remind you that the first Oranges of the season, as is normal, have their point of acidity and their skin is a little paler, but they have a lot of juice. Every day the fruit ripens on the tree, loses acidity and acquires more colour).
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Organic Organic Oranges straight from the tree large and small 

This box includes: of Organic Oranges straight from the tree large and small. You can use them either to eat or to make juice.

Organic Oranges

Our goal is to offer 100% natural oranges, so we do not use chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

In Quieronaranjas Bio we put at your disposal these oranges that have been cultivated just as our ancestors did, respectful with the environment, with better properties and more vitamins and minerals.

The orange groves of Quieronaranjas are located on the banks of the river Júcar in the Ribera Alta region. This area is considered to be the cradle of orange growing in Valencia: the particularly favourable climate with its mild winters creates ideal conditions for growing the fruit there.

Just one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice provides the daily requirement of vitamin C. In addition to the antioxidant properties that help to protect against infections, oranges also have a high content of fibre, thiamine and folic acid.

Producing ecological products means using nature without breaking its biological cycle, extracting from the earth what the earth is capable of giving and without over-exploiting it with the use of polluting substances.
Organically produced food is healthier, safer and healthier. They are healthy because of the production method in which neither chemical fertilizers, nor pesticides, nor herbicides, nor hormones, nor genetically modified organisms are used.

But they are also safer because this entire production method is endorsed by an official body that controls it. Our organic production is controlled by the COMITÉ D'AGRICULTURA ECOLÓGICA DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA (CAECV) nº CV5815E

The best oranges of our fields of ecological culture cultivated without the use of chemical substances and realizing respectful practices with the environment.
In addition to enjoying the best Valencian orange, you are acquiring a particular and limited harvest.
We grow different types of organic oranges, with different ripening times, we can always offer you the best sweet and juicy oranges throughout the season, from November to July.
The season starts with Navelinas oranges, then Navel-lane-late and the latest variety of Valencia-late oranges.

Note: we invite you to add to your order other organic products of other categories (such as organic olive oil, organic jams, etc.).

Naranjas Grandes y Pequeñas Bio
Certificado ecológico
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