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Organic Oranges and Tangerines from Valencia at home 

Sale of Organic Oranges and Tangerines from Valencia at home in QuieroNaranjas you will be able to buy Organic Oranges and Tangerines through the Internet directly from the Farmer.

Our Organic Oranges and Tangerines are grown for Quieronaranjas on the banks of the Jucar River. This is the first area in Valencia where oranges were first grown, as it has a special climate for growing them with mild winters, they are characterized by the aroma, quality and freshness typical of a freshly harvested fruit.

Buy oranges directly from the producer

We cultivate different varieties of oranges and tangerines that ripen at different times,

The season starts approximately in October with the first Oronules tangerines and in November with the Navelina Orange, until approximately February when we start to harvest the Navel-Lane-Late Oranges and finish with the later Valencia Late variety.

Oranges provide us with all the vitamin C we need every day. Besides they have great antioxidant properties, they protect us from infections,

Buy oranges directly from the farmer
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