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Add to your order: 1 kg of Organic Grapefruit Yellow to your order. Grapefruit Valencian selected at their point of maturation, Aromatic, Fresh and Natural, try them out!!

Organic Grapefruit Yellow 

Add to your order.:1 kg of Grapefruits Yellow 

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Our Grapefruit Green they contain a juice. It is a fruit very healthy and with enough virtues, and not only to lose weight, because grapefruits are 90% water it becomes a fruit suitable to satiate the stomach. In addition, it is the citric acid with less calories. Contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that stimulate the metabolism and help the immune system. Its consumption is common in juices, it also works very well in salads. Their regular consumption has benefits diuretic and depurative.
The best way to start the day so that you are not missing various vitamins which provide us with the citrus is made of a combination of juices of the season as the Grapefruit limes Oranges blood oranges or lemons, every morning and enjoy all the benefits that have health, you can appreciate the taste of our citrus fruits such as if you have a tree in your own home.
All of our Citrus fruits are naturally sun-ripened on the tree and are not treated after harvest. Only when you get your order, we are going to our citrus grove to select the best fruit at the optimum point of maturity for you and send it the same day.
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