Pomegranates (Mollar)

    • Granada Mollar - 5 kg
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    Pomegranates (Mollar)

    This box contains Pomegranates. Buy Organic Pomegranates Valencian selected at their point of maturation

    Sweet, Fresh and Natural, try them out!!

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    Organic Pomegranates

    This box contains Organic Pomegranates 

    The Pomegranate is a fruit with a high antioxidant power and a multitude of medicinal properties. It helps us to slow down the process of aging and maintain healthy skin, promotes blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. Organic Pomegranates, Buy pomegranates online.

    The natural, in juice or in a salad, the Pomegranate is a delicious fruit that helps to prevent all kinds of diseases.
    The increased production of Pomegranate is concentrated in Alicante and Valencia
    Also in Valencia we grow a popular variety of Pomegranate Acco and Mollar, distinguished by its intense red color, both inside and outside.
    According to the date we have a variety or another of grenades, so we can serve from the month of September to march.
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