Watermelon 1 and Oranges, aus Valencia -20 kg

    • Sandia 1 and Oranges -20 kg
    • Sandia 1 and Oranges -20 kg
    Sandia 1 and Oranges -20 kg
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    Watermelon 1 and Oranges, aus Valencia -20 kg

    This box contains: Organic Watermelon 1 and Oranges. Fruits in the Valencian selected at their point of maturation, Sweet, Fresh and Natural, try them out!!

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    Organic Watermelon and Oranges

    This box contains: 1 Bio-watermelonen, and up to 20 kg Oranges

    Organic Watermelons

    The Watermelons grown in Valencia have a flavor, very refreshing. Its high water content makes them the perfect fruit for the summer, where even people
    dieters can eat their fill, has a pleasant taste and sweet. It has a large amount of vitamin A, which is very good for the summer.

    Organic Oranges

    Our Oranges are characterized by an intense aroma, the best quality and freshness. You get authentic Orange Valenciennes, ripened on the tree to the sun.
    When you make the order, we go to our field of orange trees to select the best oranges in their perfect maturity and enviártelas immediately after harvesting.
    We cultivate different types of Oranges with different ripening times, we can always offer you the best Oranges, sweet and juicy during the entire season, from November to July.
    The season starts with the orange Navelina, then Navel-lane-late and the last variety of the Valencia orange-beats.
    Naranjas y Sandia Bio
    Certificado ecológico
    Icono Bio
    Hoja BIO
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