• Mango Green Spain - 1 fruit (1000-1.300 g)
  • Mango Green Spain - 1 fruit (1000-1.300 g)
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Add to your order Organic Mango. Mangoes are selected at their point of maturation Sweet, Fresh and Natural, Try them!!
1 Fruit 500-600 gr

VAT included

Mango Green Spain

Add to your order fruit Mango Organic 
Mangos are grown by a farmer friend, who shares the harvest with us.
The taste of the Mango Green is undeniably good. Reminds a little of the flavor of the peaches, but is a little more sweet, fruity and exotic.
This fruit the ship a bit tough and so are better to resist the transport.
If you keep the fruit at room temperature (from 20 ° C), will be ready in a few days. If you want to speed up the ripening process, add the fruit along with other ripe fruit, such as fruit. Like bananas, pears or apples in a paper bag. The ripe fruit emits ethylene, a gas that makes other fruit in the bag to ripen faster.
Note: we invite You to add to your order other products from other categories (such as olive oil, honey, jam, etc).
Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
Certificado ecológico
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