Small yellow Kiwi 1 kg
Small yellow Kiwi 1 kg
Small yellow Kiwi 1 kg
Small yellow Kiwi 1 kg

Small yellow Kiwi 1 kg

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Add to your order 1 kg of Kiwis yellow in Valencia, Kiwis selected at their point of maturation, Sweet, Fresh and Natural, Try them!! (from conversion to Organic Farming)

Kiwis yellow Valencia (from conversion to Organic Farming)

Add 1 kg of Kiwis yellow to your order

Kiwis valencia natural, without residues, pesticides or herbicides, ripened on the tree to the sun and not treated after harvest.

Yellow Kiwi

The Kiwis yellow are grown in Valencia, they have a different flavor and more intense, till a friend farmer who shares the harvest with Quieronaranjas.
Is wide mind well-known that the Kiwi is one of the biggest suppliers of vitamin C and, therefore, offers a good protection against colds. Due to the high content of vitamin C, Kiwi also ensures that the stress and fatigue that do not weaken the organism.
These fruits will send them to you a bit immature, so they are even stronger and thus survive better transport and arrive safely.
If you keep the fruit at room temperature (from 20 ° C), will be ready in a few days. If you want to speed up the ripening process, add the fruit along with other ripe fruit, such as bananas, pears or apples in a paper bag. The ripe fruit emits ethylene, a gas that makes other fruit in the bag to ripen faster.

But they are also safer because all of this production method is endorsed by an official body that controls it. Our organic production is controlled by the COMITÉ D ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE OF THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY (CAECV) CV5815PV
Note: we invite you to add to your order other products from other categories (such as olive oil, honey, jam, etc).
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