Avocado "Hass" 5 kg
Avocado "Hass" 5 kg
Avocado "Hass" 5 kg
Avocado "Hass" 5 kg
Avocado "Hass" 5 kg
Avocado "Hass" 5 kg

Avocado "Hass" 5 kg

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This box contains: 5 kg Avocado "Hass". Avocados selected in your point of maturation Fresh and Natural, Try them!!

Avocado"Hass" (without pesticide residues)

This box contains: 5 kg of Avocado"Hass"

The Avocados variety Hass are grown in Valencia, they have a different flavor and more intense, grown by our friend farmer shares the harvest with Quieronaranjas.
How to prepare an Avocado:
The avocados of the variety "Hass" have a rough skin, which is initially green and turns dark to black when mature. The pulp is light green is particularly creamy, almost buttery with an intense aroma.
The avocados are picked green from the tree, and begin to ripen after they are picked.
To speed up the ripening process put the avocados at room temperature (from 20°C), if you want to accelerate the ripening process further, put the avocados together with other ripe fruits, such as: bananas, pears or apples, in a bag, they will be ready in a few days.
Ripe fruit emits ethylene, making the avocados in the bag ripen faster.
How to prepare an Avocado:
Cut the avocado lengthwise, cutting around the grain. Then turn the two halves in opposite directions to desencajarlas. Don't remove the grain if you don't plan to eat the whole avocado at once.
Now you can use a spoon to lift the pulp from the halves of the fruit.
The green meat of the avocado darkens quickly as soon as you cut the fruit. Protect the pieces of avocado that you do not want to use immediately with plastic wrap and keep them fresh. You can also sprinkle lemon juice on the half that is not used to prevent further oxidation.
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