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Organic Apples Royal Gala and Organic Pears 5 kg (manzanas y peras)

  • Apples Fuji and Pear Green 5 kg
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Organic Apples Royal Gala and Organic Pears 5 kg (manzanas y peras)

This box contains: 5 kg Apples and Organic Pears. Organic Fruits are genuinely sweet, Fresh and juicy product. You won’t regret, Try them!

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Organic Apples and Organic Pears

This box contains: 5 kg Apples and Pears 


Apples Royal Gala are a variety of red apples and pale in color. Provides several different nutrients that are important for health, such as vitamin C. Add an apple a day really can keep them away from your doctor.
Apples are associated with a lower risk of stroke and heart attack. Apples Fuji contain pectin that helps your body get rid of chemicals and harmful metals, and can also reduce the amount of fat that your body is able to absorb. Are a significant source of fiber and provides between 4 and 5 g of fiber. The greater part of the fiber in an apple is found in the skin, so eating an apple with the peel will give you more benefit. Your body needs a sufficient amount of fiber to keep your intestines digesting food properly and to keep the heart healthy. Adequate amounts of fiber can also reduce your risk of developing cancer and diabetes.


The pear is one of the most popular varieties. Its pulp combines white with green, consistent, crunchy and easy to chew. Its meat doesn't have a lot of juice, but it is very sweet and its aroma stands out a lot. Pear is a refreshing, sweet, very tasty fruit and above all a source of many nutrients.It is an ideal fruit to provide to children due to its high content of calcium which helps them to become strong and healthy, strengthening their bones.

It is a fruit with a great wealth of water, which is why nutritionists recommend it in diets to maintain the figure. Its carbohydrates in the form of fructose, it is highly recommended for athletes in full physical exercise. This, along with its levulose content, makes it very well tolerated by diabetics. Insoluble and soluble fiber is also present in the properties of pear, promoting the elimination of cholesterol and regulating intestinal function.

Pear fruit shows a higher pectin concentration, therefore this fruit becomes an excellent element to prevent constipation, improve glucose intolerance, as well as have cholesterol lowering effects. But without a doubt, pectin can be considered as an ideal substance to detoxify the body and stimulate the intestine.

Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
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