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3 Fruits: Apples, Kiwis and Bananas 5 kg (manzana, kiwi, plátano)

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3 Fruits: Apples, Kiwis and Bananas 5 kg (manzana, kiwi, plátano)

This box contains: 3 Organic Fruits-5 kg. Apples, Kiwis and Bananas, are selected at their point of maturation Sweet, Fresh and Natural, Try them!!

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Apples, Kiwis and Bananas from the Canary islands

This box contains: Organic Fruits 5 kg. Apples, Kiwis and Bananas

Organic Apple

Apples red apples and pale in color. Provides several different nutrients that are important for health, such as vitamin C. Add an apple a day really can keep them away from your doctor.
Apples are associated with a lower risk of stroke and heart attack. Apples Fuji contain pectin that helps your body get rid of chemicals and harmful metals, and can also reduce the amount of fat that your body is able to absorb. Are a significant source of fiber and provides between 4 and 5 g of fiber. The greater part of the fiber in an apple Fuji is found in the skin, so eating an apple with the peel will give you more benefit. Your body needs a sufficient amount of fiber to keep your intestines digesting food properly and to keep the heart healthy. Adequate amounts of fiber can also reduce your risk of developing cancer and diabetes.

Organic Kiwi

The Kiwis Organic have a more intense flavor, are fruits of medium size grow a friend, a farmer dedicated to organic farming and share the harvest of kiwi with us.
Is wide mind well-known that the Kiwi is one of the biggest suppliers of vitamin C and, therefore, offers a good protection against colds.
Due to the high content of vitamin C, Kiwi also ensures that the stress and the anger will not weaken the organism.
These fruits will send them a little hard and firm and withstand the transport.

Organic Bananas organic (Bananas of the Canary Islands)

The Bananas are called "plátanos" in the Canary Islands to stand out from the competition with Bananas from South America. Bananas the canary islands are significantly smaller than their relatives abroad, but they have a stronger flavor and sweet. One of the reasons is that mature into shrubs for a much longer time than bananas from South America and, thanks to the transport routes short, it does not have to be harvested green.

Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV

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