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Papaya Organic are selected at their point of maturation Sweet, Fresh and Natural, Try them!!

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Papayas Organic 

1-2 piece weighs from 1.2 - 1.7 kg approximately

The Papayas is a thin-skinned, fragile, yellow-coloured fruit. Its pulp is red, soft and creamy and has a multitude of edible seeds inside. It has a very characteristic, intense and pleasant aroma and a very sweet taste.

Properties of the papayas:

The Papaya is part of what is known as a super fruit, due to its many nutritional benefits Itprovides a large amount of protein, fibre and water, making it a hydrating and refreshing food. It is also a fruit rich in vitamins C, A and B and has antioxidant properties.

Should be stored in a place of mild temperature. The fridge will shorten their life, as the excessive cold will not feel well (the conservation temperature ideal would be about 10 ºC).

To speed up ripening, you can simply dunk them in a plastic bag along with some apples; the ethylene that transpire, these will speed up their ripening.
Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
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