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Bomba Rice

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  • Bomba rice 1 kg-
  • Bomba rice 1 kg-
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Bomba Rice

Bomba Rice Organic. Bomba rice is selected among the best fields in the Albufera of Valencia natural park.

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Bomba Rice Organic

The rice from Quieronaranjas of the variety "Bomba" is the rice ideal for their unique properties of cooking and preparing the broth for all the dishes typical of the cuisine, traditional Mediterranean food (Paella, arroz a banda...)
Is selected from among the best fields of the Albufera natural park. This rice is subjected to rigorous controls of quality from the prestigious appellation of origin “Arroz de Valencia".
The bomba rice enjoys a fame and a special recognition since it has some really unique features. The variety is very ancient, with the earliest written references are placed in 1913 (year of creation of the Station, Rice cooker Swedish). It is a variety of very low production, however, has continued to cultivate due to its peculiar behavior culinary that makes it highly appreciated by the consumer. In the first place it is a rice of great capacity of absorption of the flavor, like the other rice varieties of the Appellation of Origin Valencia Rice. The pump, moreover, is characterized because it provides us with a grain firm and loose.
Once cooked, the grain evolves positively as it cools the grain acquires a firmer consistency (unlike the majority of commercial varieties) and exudes a part of the liquid absorbed during cooking so that it is more tasty and juicy-a few minutes after removed from the fire. Another important advantage to the use of the pump is its resistance to overcooking. Once gelatinized the starch, the grain is open transversely instead of longitudinally, so that it keeps a nice texture but extend the cooking for a few minutes after it has already cooked.
Certified by the Organic Farming Council of the Valencian Community CAECV: ES-ECO-020-CV
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