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Almond in shell 1 kg

  • Almond Green shell 500 g
  • Almond Green shell 500 g
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Almond in shell 1 kg

Organic Almond in shell These sweet almonds Spain organic The Marcona almond variety is the most appreciated for its taste.

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Organic Almond in shell

Almonds are very nutritious and are a staple of the Mediterranean diet. Among other things, they are said to have the following benefits:

- Almonds contain many minerals and antioxidants. They are good suppliers of calcium and prevent osteoporosis.

- When consumed regularly, almonds lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

- Almonds protect against diabetes and ensure a more balanced blood sugar level.

- Almonds can help against obesity because they curb appetite.

- Eating about five almonds before drinking alcohol makes the alcohol better tolerated.

  Organic farming, control body code number: ES-ECO020CV

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