Raisins from Alicante 500 g (Pasas)

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Raisins from Alicante 500 g (Pasas)

Organic Raisins from Alicante dried sultanas natural oil free 

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Organic Spanish dried Sultanas 

Add to your order Organic Organic Raisins, dehydrated natural without oil 

Organic sultanas from the vineyards located in the mountains of Alicante, grapes of the variety (Autumn Royal) with elongated berries, very sweet and tasty, purple-black in colour.

The seedless grape is grown in the Mediterranean, the bunches of grapes are large, therefore the sultanas are large in size. This grape variety is unique for making these original sultanas.    


-Sugars 42,1 g/100 

-Fat 0,62 g/100 

-Carbohydrates 71,2 g/100 g 

-Proteins 2,91 g/100 g 

-Salt < 0,1 g/100 g 

-Energy value 1282 KJ/100 g 

Energy value 302 Kcal/100 g -Energy value 302 Kcal/100 g 

Saturated fatty acids 0,11 g/100 g -Saturates 0,11 g/100 g

Organic Agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV

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