Organic Mango jam with Agave 265 g
Organic Mango jam with Agave 265 g
Organic Mango jam with Agave 265 g
Organic Mango jam with Agave 265 g
Organic Mango jam with Agave 265 g
Organic Mango jam with Agave 265 g
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Organic Mango jam with Agave 265 g

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Organic Mango jam 265 g Our homemade jam is handcrafted with our own Organic Mango that give it an extraordinary flavor.

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Organic Mango Jam with Agave

265 g jar of Mango Bio-Jam

Extra light Mango jam infused with cinnamon and agave syrup made with the best selection of raw materials and packed in a bain-marie.

Made with 70 g of fruit per 100 g. Mango *, agave syrup*, cinnamon infusion*, lemon juice* and pectin *Organically grown.

Total sugar content 33 g per 100 g.

Start the day with a delicious toast and our organic jam, a healthy and natural delicacy, without additives, coloring and preservatives.
It is made with a traditional recipe from our grandparents, who spent hours of dedication and patience among the fruits of their own field, combining only with sugar until they obtained a simple and delicious result.
The selection of high quality fruit and an artisan elaboration process are the key to our jams.

Agave syrup is obtained from agave or maguey, a fleshy plant of South American origin, similar to pita or aloe vera. Agave syrup is the sap of this plant.
Agave syrup is interesting as a sweetener because its glycemic index is low, due to its fructose and inulin content For some time now, agave syrup has become fashionable as a healthy sweetener

It is easy to substitute in drinks, as a sweetener for yogurts or smoothies as it dissolves easily in cold liquids It is of 100% vegetable origin so, unlike honey, it is suitable for vegans.

Its glycemic index is lower than other sweeteners (15-20, compared to 100 for glucose, 75 for sugar or 78 for honey)

Organic Agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV

Certificado ecológico
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