Lemon Jam 240 g

  • Lemon marmalade Organic 240 g
  • Lemon marmalade Organic 240 g
  • Lemon marmalade Organic 240 g
Lemon marmalade Organic 240 g
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Lemon Jam 240 g

Organic Lemon Jam 240 g.  Our homemade jam is handcrafted with our own Organic Lemons that give it an extraordinary flavor. Test it!!

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Organic Lemon Jam

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The Jam of Lemon , this is processed according to an old family recipe.
The homemade jam is home made with our own lemons which give it an extraordinary flavor.
Start your day with our refreshing jam of Lemon , a delicacy healthy and natural, without additives, colorings and preservatives.
This elaborate with a recipe traditional of our grandparentswho spent hours of dedication and patience among the fruits of his own field, combining only with sugar until they had a result, so simple and delicious.

The fruit selection of high quality , and a process of making craftsmanship are the key of our jams.

Fresh fruits and vegetables freshly picked are peeled by hand and prepared for the preparation of the jams.

Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV

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