Horxata Valenciana concentrated 500 ml

    • Horxata Valenciana concentrated Organic 500 ml
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    Horxata Valenciana concentrated 500 ml

    Organic Horxata Valenciana concentrated 500 ml. The Horchata concentrated Ecological "Terra and Xufa" is made by hand using tiger Nuts of Valencia.

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    Organic Horchata Valenciana concentrated

    Half Liter Bottle of Organic Horchata Valenciana with its D.O. Tigernut from Valencia.

    Terra and Xufa
    100% Organic Tigernut with D.O. Tigernut from Valencia. It is the horchata that most closely resembles the natural artisan horchata. Once diluted, it has all the components and organoleptic qualities of natural horchata, and the authentic flavor of the tigernut from Valencia.
    The concentrate process allows a long product life without the need to add preservatives or dyes.
    Add a portion of concentrate to a container.
    Add 4 parts of very cold water (not chlorinated)
    Mix until dissolved and serve.
    Keep cold until consumption.

    Horchata is made from the tigernut, a tuber of the plant with the same name. Apparently, this was already used in ancient Egypt, having found glasses containing tigernuts as part of the pharaohs' grave goods. Likewise, Persian and Arab authors of antiquity mention the digestive and disinfecting benefits of tigernuts, then used as a medicinal drink because it is considered energetic and diuretic. It originates from Alboraya and is a typical sweet from the Valencian Community and is usually accompanied with fartóns.
    Product made from organic tigernuts from own cultivation in l'Horta Nord in Valencia. Biocultura Award 2008 for the best organic product of the year.
    Ingredients: Tigernuts, cane sugar, water and stabilizer (E-415). Horchata host to the "Denomination of Origin Chufa de Valencia".
    Origin D.O. Tigernut from Valencia - Albal - Valencia ZonaEuropa - Spain
    Recommendations Serve very cold, preferably between 0 and 2º.
    Awards Best Bioculture Product 2008
    Food of Spain 2009
    Quantity 500 cl

    Organic Agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
    horchata 500 bio
    Certificado ecológico

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