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Juice of Blood orange (bottle)

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Juice of Blood orange (bottle)

Bottle of 750 ml.. Ingredients: Juice of Organic Blood Orange 100% natural with no additives.

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Organic Orange juice blood oranges

This delicious Juice of blood Oranges is characterized by its attractive reddish color and a slightly acidic flavour. A juice full of antioxidants and benefits.
Another decisive factor for the pigmentation of the Oranges, blood Valencia is the fluctuation of diurnal-nocturnal temperature: the higher the interval, the stronger the red coloration. This is especially notable in the area around Catania, where there are strong temperature variations in the slopes of the Etna and where the pigmentation orange is more pronounced.
The climate of the Etna may also vary by 15 ° C between day and night, and this circumstance plays a crucial role in the growth of the citrus and especially in their pigmentation. Under the pressure of climate changes, volcanic, oranges are literally subject to a change of color, which becomes an intense red in the last phase of maturity. So, that is why oranges of blood are created only in this small piece of land. This is a magical place that expresses their fruits more precious in the color of love. The intensity of the red color also varies between the citrus fruit of the same variety, and there is not always a correlation.
The blood Oranges are characterized not only by the anthocyanins, but also for many other properties: - have higher levels of vitamin C, more than 70 mg per 100 ml of juice; - The balance between sugar and acid, together with various other aromatic substances, makes the juice of blood orange is especially tasty.
Nutritional information per 100 mL
Energy value:------------- 172 K / 41 Kcal
Fat:------------------------ 0.20 g
 Of which saturated: ----0.00 g
 Carbohydrates: ------9.00 g
Of which sugars:----- 9.50 g
 Protein: -------------------- 0.70 g
Salt: ---------------------------0.00 g
Organic Agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
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