Orange Juice (glass bottle)

    certificado ecologico certificado ecologico hoja

    Orange Juice (glass bottle)

    Orange juices green natural without additives. 750 ml.

    VAT included

    Orange juice

    The Oranges are harvested especially for Quieronaranjas and reaped on the same day. The fresh juice is bottled immediately and pasteurized in accordance with the old tradition, so that they retain all the properties of the Oranges, without adding additives.
    Orange juice to start the day with a rich Orange juice for breakfast along with a revitalizing in short we are going to help you to enjoy all the benefits found within this fruit.
    And between all of them, it should be noted, without doubt, its high content in vitamin C, a nutrient that strengthens our entire immune system and thus prevent that we are less exposed to viral processes in the form of flus and colds.
    For this reason, it is advisable to consumption especially in winter, a season where low temperatures are usually very present throughout the day and that will cause our defenses to fall considerably. In short, I encourage you to take a delicious orange juice for breakfast. Your health will thank you for it and over you will achieve charging of the batteries with a fast of Orange juice of the most delicious.
    Nutritional information per 100 mL
    Energy value:------------- 172 K / 41 Kcal
    Fat:------------------------ 0.20 g
     Of which saturated: ----0.00 g
     Carbohydrates: ------9.00 g
    Of which sugars:----- 9.50 g
     Protein: -------------------- 0.70 g
    Salt: ---------------------------0.00 g
    Organic Agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020-CV
    Zumo de Naranja Bio (botella)
    Certificado ecológico
    Icono Bio
    Hoja BIO
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