carob flour

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    carob flour

    Organic carob flour 

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    Organic carob flour 


    Organic carob flour  (100%).

     As food, the pods of fruit can be ground into powder similar to cocoa, the high content of sugar can be made from syrups, or you can even get alcohol from him.
    The carob tree is a tree that grows in the Mediterranean as the temperate climate is ideal., the pods and the seeds are ingredients that contribute to the medical use or dietetic. Various sugars, pectin, tannins, mucus and minerals or flavonoids are essential ingredients. These are used in diarrheal diseases, celiac disease, and stool fat, but are also the basis of dietary foods or for the production of "cocoa powder", juices, and alcoholic drinks.
    The carob tree is a plant quite medicinal to see, as its fruits are used as a remedy or are valuable as a diet; on the other hand, the greater part of its importance was in other areas. Their fruits were able to survive in times when other foods were not available.

    The carob is also a dietary very appropriate. It serves to thicken the food (for example, with frequent vomiting of infants) and is also suitable for the preparation of dietary products gluten-free. Due to the low content of fats can also add a slimming diet reduced in calories or reduce the levels of cholesterol flexible.  

    Energy value741 Kj / 177 Kcal
    Fat3,7 g
    saturated1,3 g
    Carbohydrates31 g
    of which sugars0,69 g
    Fibre3,79 g
    Salt99 mg

    Certified by the Organic Farming Council of the Valencian Community CAECV: ES-ECO-020-CV
    EU Agriculture

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